Wood Wine Rack Furniture

Nov 23rd

Pine is a cheap way to go. More elegant wine rack furniture is obtained using cedar, maple, cherry or oak. In the manufacturing industry, the process of building wine racks is guaranteed by mounting tough durable wood such as spruce, fir or birch. Inkstand builders will choose wood that does not have a clear smell to preserve the natural flavor of the wine, as wine is often stored for many years for a better taste.

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The tools needed to mount a typical wine rack are an Allen key and some Allen bolts. Boards are purchased from a sawmill or craft supply shop. Drills must match the radius of Allen bolts used to hold wine racks together. A sanding machine or sandpaper is used to smooth drilled holes, uneven edges and split wood. Wood polish is added after mounting of stands. The number of rows per rack and the number of upright boards must be considered before building wine racks. The size and amount of wine bottles are also taken into account when planning breadth wine selection. Four vertical board’s pair with each column intended for wine rack. A column may contain any number of lines for wine bottles, depending on the number of vertical boards used to support a number of rows on the rack.

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Installation of the wine station begins with base connected to the vertical boards. Hole is drilled through both sides of the vertical boards and through the floor rails of the rack. With rack vertical boards located on their sides, screws are inserted through the vertical boards and through the floor tiles and bolted securely with a hex wrench. Each section of lines is lined up between the vertical boards, then securely in place with Allen bolts using a hex wrench. After all rows are securely attached with bolts, the rack is lifted from its side to a standing position.

When we learn more about the wines we drink, we tend to gather those we think. A wine rack under the basement staircase is a perfect choice for casual collectors for a number of reasons. Light and humidity are easily controlled. In the case of vibration — the fifth variable in wine storage — if you do not live in an earthquake area, you have no worries. Plan your project. If the stairwell has closed sides, locate studs that support the stairway and measure a space to open with a circular or jigsaw. If the stairwell is open, simply find a comfortable area between the rules to install your wine cabinet.

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