Wonderful Interior Barn Doors for Homes

Nov 10th

The interior barn doors for homes are wonderful: they save space; they are highly decorative and very useful for dividing spaces or hiding corners of the house that you do not want to be visible. Until some time ago, they were not very common in Spain, especially those that are known as barn type doors, which are made of wood and rustic style. But they are beginning to see and everything points to have come to stay. So, if you were thinking of changing the doors of your house, do not miss this post! We give you some ideas so you can see where and how you can put them.

Wooden Barn Doors Dining
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First of all, you should know that there are sliding doors that do not need to do work and others that do. Those that do not need to perform work is because they are mounted on a system of rails and pulleys that is installed directly on the wall. This system causes the door to move over the wall, always being visible. The sliding doors that need work are those in which, when opened, the door is hidden inside the wall. It is not visible. To achieve this, some partitions are erected so that the door is collected between the wall and the partition.

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They are equally useful and also decorate, but it is a different system, in which the door loses a certain decorative prominence. Inside the sliding doors that do not need work, there are different types of fittings to install them; they vary in form, material and visibility. The most decorative are the exposed fittings. That is, you see the system on which the door is moved. The most common are metallic, black and with two pulleys or bearings that run over a rail. Not everyone likes to see the fittings, although in a way, they are part of the charm of sliding doors.

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In this case, the system of rails and bearings is hidden inside a guide or a frame at the top of the door. Placing a single sliding door is, perhaps, the most usual option. It fulfills exactly the same function as a normal door, only it has more charm and allows you to gain space. There are large rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms or suites, in which the opening allows two sliding doors to be placed. This is another alternative to integrate this type of doors in your home. Whether visible or hidden, rolling on the surface of the wall allows you to save space and gain in style.