White Convertible Crib as the Practical Solution

Nov 26th

Today we can find various models of the white convertible crib in baby furniture stores. But before letting ourselves be carried away by the illusion of setting up the ideal room for our baby, we must think about whether it is a practical solution or not to buy a convertible crib. There are cribs convertible into beds and we will talk about today that is large furniture that incorporates crib, drawer or shelf, changing table and sometimes nest bed or storage drawers underneath. These, once they are not used as cribs, are transformed into a bed with drawers or a bed under a chest of drawers.

White Convertible Crib

One other day, our partner tells us why not buy baby cribs. He regrets having let himself be carried away by the emotion of a first-time father when buying a cradle for his son. Let’s see his arguments. Many parents will have had the same bad experience as our partner, although no doubt others will be delighted with their crib furniture. Let’s talk about what are the disadvantages that speak when evaluating whether it is a good purchase or not.

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For starters, they are expensive furniture. Around 1,200 euros depending on the accessories and the terminations that we choose, so it must be a well thought out purchase. It may seem like the best solution for small spaces but then it becomes a huge mess difficult to adapt. Buying each accessory separately can be cheaper (calculates a saving of 500 euros) and allows us to adapt each piece of furniture to the available space.

Another disadvantage that this type of furniture has is that the measures of the bed cribs for babies are usually larger than the traditional so it is more difficult to find sheets that fit them. On the other hand, the crib is too big for a newborn baby and cannot be transported, so its actual use is not until after the first months. A smaller crib is more feasible to pass it to the parents’ room and use it with a reducer, thus avoiding the expense of a bassinet or a mini-cot.

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Also, if tomorrow you think you have another child in terms of space is much more usable a bunk than a trundle bed. Although, like everything else, it is a matter of taste. Of course, it is a personal experience, but it is interesting before making a purchase so important to know the opinion of someone who has not been. What experience have you had with the baby convertible cribs?