To Make Wingback Headboard

Aug 23rd

Headboard is easy to make because they do not require much if any sewing. Just get a frame for the headboard, cover it with a plate and cloth and attach it to wood headboard. Because you make your own, you can use whatever fabric you prefer. Match curtains or wallpaper or go with something completely different. Headgear is cheap and versatile. The substance can be replaced as often as you prefer. A wingback headboard is suitable for a classic look in the bedroom. You can also design one to match winger chairs. To make wingback headboard, firstly, cut plywood to the desired shapes.

Wingback Headboard

The upholstered wingback headboard will have three pieces, one back and two sides. The back should be a rectangle or a close approximation. It may have a soft curve to the top if you prefer. The width should be as wide as the bed you lay the headrest behind. The two parties are exactly the same measurements. Second, cut foam to match the wood pieces. Third, sand the tree with ribbon or sandpaper. Next, cut your fabric and placemat to cover the front rectangle headboard with about four inches extra on each side. Cut enough fabric and wicker to cover all side pieces plus more inches on all sides. Fifth, put the fabric back on the floor, right side down.

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Place the plaque on top, followed by foam piece. Lay back the piece of wood on top of the fabric, plate wrap and foam, right side down. Seventh, pull the fabric sides over the edge of the forest. Pull up a bit at a time. Pull the fabric tight. Staple the fabric and plate to the tree. Eight, lay the side fabrics on the floor. Make sheet wash, foam and wood on top. Lay the tree to cover the side facing you to the bed. Ninth, pull the fabric tight. Staple it to the outside of the side pieces, where it will meet on the back of the headboard. Leave it free where it will be necessary to wrap around on the outside of the side piece.

Trim excess fabric on one side to keep it from being lumpy. Put the side piece against the back of the headboard. The outside of the page should not be included in this section. Next, turn the side piece on the back piece. Screw through both pieces of wood. After that, pull the fabric around the outside of the side piece. Staple it on the back of the back headed piece. Repeat on the opposite page. Pull the fabric around the outside of the side piece. Staple it on the back of the back headed piece. Last, put the easy diy headboard against the wall. Place the bed in front of it.

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