Solid Wood Bunk Beds in Simple Concept

Aug 3rd

Many children and little space? Fortunately, there are practical solutions that allow us to deal with this small problem. One of my favorites is solid wood bunk beds. Yes, those beds so funny that, if you did not have one at home, you could enjoy when you went camping. Undoubtedly an interesting way to take advantage of useful meters and thus create shared rooms for smallest of house. In absence of space, good are bunk beds. concept is very simple. Place one bed on top of another. So, just like that, without more frills. This solution has served us for a long time to accommodate more than one person in same room.

Usually it is children who enjoy these beds, although concept is also used in places such as camps, cabins or on night trains, for example. Yes that this type of beds allow us to save meters using vertical space of room. One way to leave remaining meters available to be able to place other furniture such as desks or a closet. n addition to being a very interesting way to save space, using vertical area of room as we have said, we must know that these beds also allow us to use bottom of them. So, either using hole under bed to add boxes or buying bunk beds whose structure incorporates drawers in bottom, we will get a little extra space to place, for example, bedding for our children.

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Obviously there are many different models, even those that do not take advantage of part under bed, but truth is that these seem more interesting when it comes to finding solutions for small children’s rooms. Bunk beds are fun. Yes they are. This is so. Maybe for an adult, but remember when we were children and we had to share these beds. There is nothing more fun than imagining in a small bunker, either up or down. In addition, in market there are endless models of most interesting that make these beds even more fun.

How? For example creating thematic beds. Can you imagine a litter that looks like house of a tree? Well, it’s possible. It does not matter if we want our children to have a modern, classic or rustic room. Bunk beds can adapt perfectly to any decorative style we can imagine. From iron to wood, they are part of its structure, being able to be quite versatile at time of integrating them into decoration of our house. At this point, I would like to talk about wooden bunk beds.

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