Simple Nautical Wall Clock Decor

Nov 13th

The nautical decoration belongs to a quite modern decorative style. Basically, what is sought through this decoration is to give the house a touch of the high seas, closely related to other styles such as, for example, the Mediterranean decorative style. The color blue and the white color accompanied by the red color are the protagonists of any decorative work of nautical style. At the end of the day, they are colors closely related to the traditions of the sea. And a simple nautical wall clock can be turned into a custom design that is integrated into the decoration by surrounding it with a wooden frame or a vinyl, among other proposals.

Wooden Wall Clock

Although technological advances allow us to see what time it is on numerous devices, wall clocks are still a practical tool both in the living room and in bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms. This article provides ideas to customize a watch with creativity and little money. It offers two options: on the one hand, decorate a wooden frame, and on the other, go further and design until the drawing of the sphere. In addition, it provides another possibility, that of decorating the wall with vinyl or painting around the clock.

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Beyond the designs that are marketed, it is possible to customize a wall clock with ingenuity, creativity and little money. The simplest way is to acquire a basic clock model and then build a framework to surround it. A slightly more complex option, but one that gives greater possibilities, is to buy the clock device and assemble the entire structure. To continue; the details. The most practical way to create a frame for a wall clock is with a medium density board. It can be used in two different ways. One option is to hang the clock directly from the wood (as if it were on the wall).

The other, make a hole in the wood the same size as the clock, to introduce it there and that the frame is at the same level as the sphere. In the latter case, you must find the way to fasten the clock to the board, to avoid accidents. The size of the frame will be the taste of the designer, as well as the style of its decoration. Being wood, allows multiple variants: paint of different colors, varnish or techniques such as decoupage. The colors and designs have to be defined according to the decoration of the rest of the room where the clock is located.

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