Kinds of Bamboo Wall Panels

Aug 3rd

Wall panels made of bamboo are easy to install and can be mounted even on uneven walls. Wall panels made of bamboo help understaenatural natural purity and naturalness in any interior condition: ethnic, country, hi-tech, minimalism and others. Their use of such panels is found in any room: living room, bedroom or nursery. They are irreplaceable in rooms with high humidity: swimming pools, saunas, and baths. To make bamboo wall panels, first manually knitted mats, using a large or small tissue. They are then impregnated with a special adhesive composition based on acrylic. After hot pressing and further drying, bamboo wall panels are obtained.

Both of which are single-layered and multilayered. The wall panels are rectangular in shape. Using 3D eco panels, you can create a wall medional geometric pattern or with a clear wavy image. Airy lightweight textures of bamboo 3D panels easily fit into the existing design using backlighting or surface finishing: leather, wood, paint. Such panels are perfectly combined with traditional finishing materials for decorating walls. Meanwhile, bamboo panels for wall can use for bathroom. Bamboo bathroom wall panels are a simple, cheap and environmentally friendly way to decorate your bathroom walls. To keep your bamboo bathroom wall panels in top shape, follow these guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.

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First, regular cleaning and Maintenance; use too much water on bamboo will ultimately carry it out. Always try to keep your bamboo as dry as possible. Depending on the humidity, traffic and pollution that your bamboo is exposed to. Clean weekly to monthly with a cloth moistened in a solution of oil soap (like Murphy’s Oil Soap) and hot water. Wipe dry with a dry cloth. Second, clean Spills Immediately. Third, to remove stains; if your bamboo screen roll gets stained, there are a number of ways you can remove them. Try something non-toxic and easy to use before using any high chemical product. Some stains can be removed by spraying salt on the stain and then scrubbing with a cleaning cloth.

Moisten the scrub cloth in warm water and crush the stain for a few minutes until the stain lifts. For more severe stains, use a solution of salt, salmiac spirits and hot, clean water. In a plastic bucket, fill with a quarter or more of warmish water. For each liter of water, mix in a tablespoon of ammonia and a tablespoonful of salt. Mix thoroughly and scrub thoroughly into the stains. Use rubber gloves. These to protect your hands and make sure you stay out of your eyes as well. After scrubbing, wipe with a cloth or sponge moistened with clean water only. Finish by wiping with a dry cloth. Last, cover with a bamboo polish.

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