Installing Commercial Patio Heaters

Nov 22nd

Commercial patio heaters also known as room heaters and electric heaters are the perfect way to warm a room during the cold winter months. To buy a room heater, you must know the size of the room where the heater is to be used. Using a simple calculation, you can determine how many watts needed to warm your room and maximize heat.

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Consider how much insulation is available inside the patio. Contact the builder patio heaters if you are not sure. Insulation is generally measured as low, medium and heavy. The number of windows is also important. A room with large or more windows in relation to its size will require a slightly larger unit. Measure the length of the room heated. Measure the width of the heated space.

Determine how much energy is required. For a commercial patio heaters dimensioned at 10 watts per square meter, multiply the length and width of the room by 10 (the watts per square foot). For example, 12 meters with 14 meters corresponds to 168 square meters. Multiply square meters (168) of watts (10) for the total number of watts required to heat the room. In this case, 1680 watts are required. Translate watts to British Thermal Units or BTU. Watts are equal to 3.41 BTU. Following the above example, you would need a room heater with a minimum of 5728 BTU (1680 with 3.41).

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Tips and warnings

Heat loss occurs when the heat disappears through the walls and a patio. Find out the number of watt for the room unit on the product packaging or operating instructions. Never place a room unit near curtains or drapes. Costs of heating a home are very high, but there is nothing really as bad as spending your evenings in a cold room or waking up and feeling chilled. Apart from the obvious steps, turn the thermostat, put on extra layers of clothes and sip hot tea, there are several other ways – some cheap and other expensive – with which you can heat a room.

Install insulated curtains or drapes. You can buy these or make your own by sewing a layer of insulating fabric on the back of your existing drapes. Open your drapes and blinds as soon as you see the sun shining against the window. The sunlight warms the room very quickly. Keep doors leading to and from the room closed if there is a heat source such as a wood stove inside. If there is no heat source inside the room, open all doors leading from the room your heat source is located to allow heated air to circulate.

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