How to Build an Outdoor Firewood Rack

Nov 8th

The simplest outdoor firewood rack is the type that resembled a metal base book shelf without shelves. Anti-rust metal bars create a cage for the firewood, with a sheet at the bottom. You stack pieces of wood over each other until the metal frame is complete. Most of these shelves are equipped with a tarpaulin to protect the upper part of the structure, while keeping the wood dry during the rain. Many homeowners place this rack against the side of their home to protect the back-end of wood from the elements as well. You can build or buy a rack like this which is as big or small as you need to be.

Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Building rack outdoor firewood is beneficial to keep your pile of firewood clean, organized and off the ground. Use pressure treated wood for this project, as it will remain outdoors. Pressure-treated wood was designed for exposure to outdoor elements. Instructions to build outdoor firewood storage ideas is, starting with place two of two on two boards 16 inches apart, lying on a stable surface. Cut two pieces of 16 inches two by six and place them on top of the joints in pairs. Flush the ends and square the sides of the joints two by two in order to two by six. Nail the two boards with 2½ inch nails.

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This will be the base of the wood grate. Cut the remaining two into two tables into five 16-inch pieces. Measure 16 inches two by six at the base, place a two by two table every 16 inches and attach them to the base with two ½ inch nails. These are the transverse supports of the lower part of the wood grate. Cut the two boards off into 4-foot boards, leaving four boards that are 4 feet long. Cut two 16-inches by 48-inch pieces of plywood sheet. These are for the right and left sides of the wood grill. Lay the two by four boards on their sides, 16 inches apart. Square the piece of 16 inches by 48 inches plywood over two by four. Clean the sides of the plywood and two by four. Screw the plywood two by four with 1 ½ inch screws.

Repeat for the rest remove and plywood. Configurations of the right side panel, with the wood facing the inside of the grid. Place the lower part of the right panel with the right side of the lower base. Fix using 3-inch wood screws. Place the 4-inch screws between them. Repeat this process for the left side. Cut four pieces of 1 foot by 1 foot of plywood from the remaining wood. Cut the four pieces at a 45 degree angle and rinse them in the lower four corners of the wood grill. Fix them with 1½-inch screws; Use a lot of screws to fix the corner clamps. And the outdoor firewood storage was done.

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