Get the Installation Faux Stone Panels Yourself

Nov 22nd

Polyurethane panel with imitation stone finish. It is an excellent thermal insulator, so it is also valid for both indoor and outdoor. Faux stone panels installation by gluing and screwing. In another entry, we explained how to make the stone imitation technique with mortar and silicone molds. Now there is another much easier way to cover a wall as if it had a decorative stone, although this form is recommended only for indoor, as it is polyurethane panels that, if they were outside, over time, would deteriorate much faster than the normal stone. Its placement is very simple, they are panels of approximately 1 square meter with the shape of stone that you want. They come as if they were pieces of a puzzle and fit perfectly with each other.

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The faux stone siding is presented where it will be placed, starting from the bottom up and from one corner of the wall to the other. We cut the lace ends of the panel from the bottom part and from the part that goes on the wall with the jigsaw. We have to leave a straight line. First, we measure placing the panel on the floor and then we support the wooden block with a pencil so that the line is straight and we make the mark. Now we apply glue on the back of the panel (the part that is attached to the wall) with a silicone gun. And with a drill, we make a hole and we put a block and a screw for more support, in the four corners and another in the center.

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When wall coverings panels completely fixed to the wall, it is placed in the joint area with the following panel, putty or fixing adhesive. Place the next panel making the joint areas fit together until the putty overflows (then remove the remaining putty with a fine spatula), screw it and nail it to the wall in the same way as the first. If any imperfection remains, we will also seal it with putty. And where we have drilled we also cover it with putty. Once all put, with a small brush we are painting with special paint, the areas where we had put putty so you do not notice the union between panel and panel. These imitation stone panels can be found in many different designs. The one we present home interior wall panels here is by way of example. And you can buy them in DIY stores and decoration.