Fun Ideas Firewood Rack Plans

Jan 22nd

How nice it is to have a wood stove at home! Family winter evenings with hot chocolate, dinner nights around the fire and reading Sunday mornings at home. There must be nothing better! The problem, many times, lies in where to store the firewood rack plans because it not only takes up a lot of space, but sometimes it can be a little dirty. For those who do not have a backyard but still love the wood stove, here are some ideas for storing firewood inside the house that are not only practical, but also have all the style. A very good way to take advantage of the space and also give a sophisticated touch to your home. Also, to avoid dirt, you can place a glass door to protect you from the insects that sometimes are in the wood. Do you like this idea?

Wall Indoor Firewood
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I do not know about you, but I love this idea. As you can see, you can stack the firewood vertically with this practical bookcase. If you place it next to the stove, you will have the wood always at hand, tidy and also decorate your house. Great! How about Circular shelving? Wow! I never imagined that I could have a circular shelf at home. The best thing is that it has different divisions so you can also place the paper to light the fire, different types of firewood, whatever you can think of!

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Why not leave some of the shelves in the library that you have next to the stove to store firewood? This idea is super practical. You just have to take some of your books to another part of the house and make your library a library. What a funny name, is not it? On the wall is another idea to take advantage of the space and store the wood on the wall. You can put different shelves for different corners of your living room, and this way you will give that rustic touch that you want to give a lot. I love!

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Of course, how did it not occur to me before? This idea is ideal to take advantage of a space that is never used at all; and best of all, I will not have to clean under the table anymore. It’s great!  You will no longer have to buy paintings, or think about what to put on that wall of the dining room where you feel something is missing. The answer is: firewood! Do not you love this idea to decorate a wall with firewood? You kill two birds with one stone, solve the storage issue and decorate your house.