Cozy and Decorative Outside Door Mats

Nov 20th

The outside door mats are a decorative item that should not be missing in any household. Because they are useful, they make an environment cozier and decorate a lot. In addition, everyone can find a carpet to their liking, because the size, format and materials with which they can be made are so variable that they give rise to endless (or almost infinite) combinations. In summary, that does not have a carpet is because he does not want to or because he has not thought that he / she can even do it himself / herself. We give you some ideas!

Wood Door Mats Floor

The only complication that this DIY has is learning how to make the pompoms. If you look at the photographic step by step, you will see that it is not so complicated. Simply put the two rolls of toilet paper together and roll the wool around them. When you have a quantity like the one in the image, it’s about making a knot that passes between the two cardboard rolls. As if you wanted to divide that ball of wool into two parts and leaving a thread hanging to tie the pompom later to the grid. From there, the ball is removed from the cardboard and the lateral threads are cut diametrically, which will form the “hairs” of the pompom.

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Once you have the first pompom done, you will only have to repeat the same thing as many times as you need pompoms to create your carpet. And to finish, with those loose threads that you have left in each pompom, you are riding them and knotting them to the anti-slip grid. One by one and combining the colors as you like. Imagine that you have an extra long strip of felt balls already formed. Then, you just have to roll it up in a spiral and sew the different rows together to make the carpet, right? Well, it’s about doing the same, but creating that strip of balls from scratch.

It is about going through needle and threads one ball after another, forming a row (which you will then roll). But pay attention, at the beginning; make short rows to form the core of the carpet. And, as the carpet expands, you’ll make rows of longer balls. That is, to make it easier for you, work by levels. First make the core and then expand around it. When you already have two levels, you have to sew them together so that the carpet is not removed, of course. So, every time you end up with a phase, make sure it’s okay.

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