Building Plans Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Aug 4th

There are two main types of wrought iron wine racks: those that hold the bottles horizontal and those bottles rest up and down. The shelf itself can be metal, wood or even plastic, depending on personal taste, with prices that go into thousands of dollars to accommodate a large collection. A much cheaper alternative is to build your own wooden wine rack-something that would cost less than $ 40 for a rack that holds up to 54 bottles

Design considerations

The design of a wine rack is determined by how many wine bottles you have or plan to collect. If you are planning to have a large collection, a large, cabinet size rack is the way to go. On the other hand, a small collection would require only a table of wine rack. Generally, if you plan to store more than 30 wine bottles, a cabinet size rack is the best choice. It is important that your wine rack holds the bottle horizontally so that the cork is kept moist. Store the bottle up and down has the same effect, but with the additional disadvantage of an inverted label. An option for keeping a bottle of wine horizontal is a fringed wine rack, made by cutting 4-inch holes in a board, then dividing the board to half to create resting spaces for the buttock and the neck of the bottle. Make sure your wine rack is at least 7 inches deep to accommodate all bottles horizontally. The deeper the rack, the more stable the bottles will be.

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To build a fringe-edge wine rack that holds 54 bottles, you’ll need nine 6-of-36-inch discs, three 4-of-8-foot plywood discs, screws, trunks and a drill press to cut round holes. Cut six 4-inch diameter holes in each of the nine 6-through -36 boards with the drill press. Cut them 1 3/4 inches from each side and let 1 1/4 inches between the holes. Cut slices in length so that they are split into the center of the hole. Cut a plywood board to 36 inches wide. Sand and crush all edges and then stain or paint all your wood, if desired. Mark 5 inches in from one of the 4-foot edges of the plywood slabs-glue and screws one of the cut boards to both ensure that the scalloped board remains level. Action 7 inches up from the first Scalloped Board, glue and screw the next in place. Repeat this for seven discs, and then do the same with the remaining nine boards on the other side. Glue and screw the third plywood board to an open side of the assembly. This is the back of your now finished wine rack. This rack is easy to build by adding another support and more French boards.

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