Building Chaise Lounge Indoor

May 29th

It is relaxing to be listed on your deck in a chaise lounge indoor and catch some rays of the sun or read a book. These chairs can be expensive to buy, and some of the cheaper are just not comfortable. You get a sense of pride and accomplishment by building your own and you can save some money as well. This can be done with the right tools, materials and some guidance.

Tools & Materials

You will need some power tools and the knowledge about how to use them chaise lounge. Saw benches, drills and drill bits and a router are power tools that you need. Other tools include a tape measure, sandpaper, pen and paper, hammer and nail, screw, plug and bite or paint. Choosing what kind of wood you’ll need depends on where the salon will be in the first place. I weather the best, but cherry and maple are other wood used for sun loungers.

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In any case, you need 2-for-4s, 1-by-3s and 1-by-2s. The base of the vessel requires two two-times-4 boards measuring about half a foot in length. Use tape measure and pen to accurately measure and cut these lengths. For the spine, measure and cut two 2-by-4 boards approximately 4-inches long. Even the pieces that run along the back of the chair would normally be six inches tall, here are adjustable if you want a wider wagon and can be cut slightly longer. It is easier to sand and paint or stain these pieces before building the chaise lounge.

Dowel Pieces

The steering pieces must be the same length as the wood that is located on the back of the vessel. Then about 4 inches are set to width to match with two-times-4 boards. The one-of-two wood is used for the backrest and is then measured. The seat requires one-of-three wood, and the same procedure is used with these boards. A patio chaise longue chair can be a nice addition to a patio, but these chairs can also be kind of expensive to buy. Building a patio chaise long chair requires some hard work, but it can save a person a lot of money.

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Backrest support is required and the 1-by-2 discs are used for this purpose. These are measured and cut to 4 inches and placed behind the backrest is down to the frame end of the seat. Arms for the cart are made of 18-inch pieces of wood and fastened with vertical pieces screwed into the base framework. The legs are made of 2-by-4 boards and are measured and cut to a height determined by homeowners. The legs are screwed into the seat frame.