Assembly Instructions for Wire Storage Shelves

Nov 21st

Wire storage shelves are a great way to add storage space in your home’s pantry or garage. This type of modular shelving comes in a variety of sizes, and can be configured to fit in almost any space you have available. It is easy to maintain and lasts for years. Because the shelving assembly process is simple, any do it yourself can quickly add durable wire shelving to your home or garage with a minimum number of tools. So, measure your available space to find a shelf that is best for your storage area. Consider any obstruction in walls or ceilings that prevent you from establishing a shelf in front or underneath them. Make sure that the floor can support the weight of the loaded shelves.

Wire Storage Shelves
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Most wire shelves come with four adjustable shelves. The shelves come in different lengths, as well as different heights. Due to its modular nature, the wire shelf can be constructed to fit any size of storage space. Decide what degree of wire shelving posts you want to buy. An industrial-grade cable provides greater shelf stability. If you are going to store heavy objects on the wire shelf, purchase heavier gauge that you can afford. This is not a problem if you are going to store light items on your shelf. To help you make your choice, most shelves indicate how many pounds can be stored safely on a shelf.

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Select the shelf that is stopped or has wheels. If you are going to move the wire shelf regularly, not only do you need wheels. But you should also consider models with handles to help you move the shelf. And then assemble the wire shelving parts. Attach the wheels to the shelving posts. Most wheels are spring loaded. Push them into the bottom of the post until the adjustment mechanism is in place. You may have to use a rubber hammer to set the wheels completely on the post. If you are not using wheels, put the self-leveling caps touching them at the ends of the crossbar with a rubber mallet.

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Fit a connector in each position of the category in which you want the lower shelf. Use the markings on the post to make sure the four connectors are at the same level. Slide the lower shelf into place by inserting the four posts into the holes in the shelf. Continue with the set of shelves by adding the remaining three shelves. Space the shelves however you need them to store your items on the shelf. See the figure on storing the heaviest and highest items on the lower shelves. Secure the top shelf to complete the shelf assembly. Add handles if they are part of the shelving unit.