Alternative Nightstand Ideas

Jan 19th

A room is often considered a home’s most personal space-a place of retreat and relaxation. Too many furniture and belongings create visual and mental mess. Things attract dust, make a room seem smaller and keep your mind busy. A sparsely furnished room can promote relaxation for a restful night’s rest. An essential element for balancing a room visually and energetically is a nightstand ideas. These bedside lamps provide a convenient place for alarm clocks, lamps, nightly books and similar items you want to keep close to you. If a traditional nightstand does not fit your style or budget, consider alternative pieces to keep the nightly items.

Unique Nightstand Ideas

Look around your home to find pieces you already own to act as your alternative nightstand. Shelves; Shelves near the bed give you a flat surface to hold your subjects. The different options in shelving allow you to find a size and style that suits the available space in your bedroom. To keep the floor space open, attach a small shelf directly to the wall. For more storage space, place a small bookshelf next to your bed. Use shelf space for your book collection or stack other items on the shelves. If you want to hide some of the creative nightstands items, choose a card tree file cabinet.

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Chair; an antique chair is an artistic alternative like your bedside table. Search antique shops or garage sales for simple wooden chairs. Look for a chair with different features, like crackling paint or a cutout on the back. Another option is to use a crackling paint kit to make a newer chair look like an antique. The packs make the paint sticky to give an impression of the aged, crackling paint. Barrel; A rustic look, place a barrel near your bed to keep your alarm clock and other necessities. Look for a barrel with a small perimeter so it does not take too much space next to your bed. For extra storage, cut an opening on one side of the barrel and add a shelf inside.

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Increase; an old ladder is another statement piece that makes a creative nightstand setting. Look for a tree ladder with wide, flat steps, so you have room to place your alarm clock and other items. Lie the ladder towards the wall near your bed. For stability, fasten the ladder to the wall using brackets. Suitcases; A stack of flat-bottomed suitcases gives you a surface suitable for a nightstand. Put enough suitcases to reach a comfortable height to reach the items. Varying size, style and color suitcases make the night table ideas more interesting.

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